"When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise."

- William Thackeray

"Incredible Intelligent Lady

I’m late in my review but have met Emma a couple of times now. She is incredibly interesting to talk to which makes everything else so much more intense. She is as beautiful inside and out. She had to reschedule our first appointment, but I have had no problems since. She definitely makes up for any issues that come up. I absolutely recommend her if you are looking for an amazing time. Side note: I’m a little jealous of the life she lives... if you ask she may tell you some stories"

-justjack August 2019

"Elegant, smart, gorgeous and passionate. My ATF 

I have met Emma twice in three weeks, and if I could I would see her every week. First of all, she is smart, creative and very sweet. We had some great conversations, she is a very interesting woman. She is also very sweet in a sexy kind of way. She is gorgeous. She has a beautiful warm sexy smile, incredible blue eyes, and the softest lips. Her petite body is to die for and her tattoos look great on her. The service itself is like living a fantasy. Her location is clean and safe. The decoration of the room is really nice and fits her personality. She greeted me with some very sexy lingerie that made her look stunning. She is very passionate, sensual and we had tons of fun. I hope to see her again."

-Jimmy May 2019

"Everything you could ask for...


She is, as she advertises.a class act. I met Emma on a trip to San Francisco. Setup and screening were a breeze. She is sweet, smart and extremely sexy, yet down to earth and conversation was a breeze. You can tell she takes great care of herself self and her tattoos only accentuate her beautiful form. Great communication and right on time to my hotel I will be seeing her often, I only wish it could be more often. Love ya Emma"

-Rob February 2019

"A smile that will melt your heart

I was lucky enough to meet up with Emma in SF and she was so sweet and warm from the beginning. The screening was easy and quick, I scheduled a decent amount of time in advance so it was simple to set a time for our meet. As soon as I entered the room and she welcomed me, I was struck by her beauty and her energy. She is beautiful in pictures, but when I met her in person, she surpasses all of that. I still dream of that look and smile during our time together. She was a pleasure to talk to and definitely reminiscent of just spending time with a new girlfriend. I think the best way to describe her is cute, playful, and very sexy. She brought out some primal energy in me! I definitely plan on hanging out with her again."

-Bryan May 2019

"My current favorite

I had the pleasure of seeing Emma at her apartment in San Francisco recently. My experience with her was amazing and she is my current favorite. She was welcoming, beautiful, and made every effort to make sure that I was comfortable. Scheduling was a breeze and screening was simple. She was ready at our agreed upon time and did not rush me or make any indication that she was concerned about the clock at all. 100% will repeat."

- Aaron April 2019

"One word -- Amazing 

I am relatively new to this arena so there were some hiccups in arranging the meeting with Emma; however, she was very professional and patient throughout the whole process. Her replies were fast, efficient, and well-mannered-- the qualities I highly value. When I saw her in person, I knew it was going to be an AMAZING experience. She is a very beautiful girl. Her physique is well-toned and athletic. Her hygiene is impeccable. Most importantly, I value her personality the most. She effortlessly creates an environment that allows you to relax and get immersed in the experience. Highly recommended. Please treat her nicely"

-Sam March 2019