My European Adventure

Updated: Sep 18, 2019


Back in town after a memorable and absolutely incredible time abroad. I always knew I'd love Europe and I had many dreams about the day that I would finally go there. It honestly still feels so surreal that I was just there and I know you're probably thinking I'm silly because so many of you have been there multiple times or have even lived there for periods of time, but a trip like Europe and getting to explore multiple countries like I did was never something I would have had the ability to do in the past and so I really cannot thank those of you who have helped me make this trip possible. Not only do I look forward to all the moments we get to share together, but being able to travel indecently like this has opened my eyes to a world that is so much larger than the bubble of the US.

Some highlights from my trip were:

Having breakfast every morning in Hyde Park in London. I loved how all the parks were so lush and green. The trees perfectly lining the sidewalks, so pristine and picturesque. I loved the posh feel of London and of course I loved checking out Oxford street and doing my first bit of shopping! As some of you know I started the trip with a dear friend of mine and getting to spend our last evening at the covetable Duck and Waffle restaurant was an amazing and delicious treat! Still one of my favorite eateries from the trip. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!

Paris, how do I even begin to describe it? It was better than I expected it to be. The city is stunningly beautiful and elegant. The people are effortlessly chic and the food was tres bien!

Obviously the shopping was superb and far superior to my favorite US stores and I may have come back with a whole new wardrobe... but my favorite memories from Paris were being able to see the Eiffel Tower, Visiting the Catacombes,though slightly eerie being around so many skeletons, it was a very cool experience.

I love love perfumes and have become somewhat of a connoisseur of fine fragrances so naturally making my own perfume with a world renowned perfumer was top on my list of favorite experiences. Maybe I'll wear it for you next time we meet, I'm fairly certain you'll love it as much as I do ;)

Budapest stood out the most simply because it was so different from all the other cities. The currency was a pain to learn and I still can't make any sense of it and the food was not my favorite... but the city was breathtakingly beautiful and it had this mysterious vibe about it. I didn't understand the language one bit, but I was very much drawn to the people and the culture and wanted to learn all that I could. Unfortunately I was only there for a day so it looks like I'll have to go back there soon!

Milan was probably my favorite place, probably more so than Paris even. I LOVE Italian food and I took full advantage of that while I was in town. Nothing like real authentic pasta to make me the happiest girl in the world! I even submitted my palette to a few new foods. If you ever get the opportunity to try horse, I 10/10 would recommend doing so. It's quite yummy! Aside from the food, the city was a mix of lively and upbeat, people out well into that night drinking and having dinner and then also very chill and relaxed. Which I very much enjoy and felt like suited my personality the best.

I unfortunately didn't get to spend as much time in Milan or Italy in general for that matter and fully intend on returning soon. Am thinking a holiday trip to Florence or the Italian coast might be in order...

I won't spill everything from my trip here, I'll save that for a later date. I just wanted to share little taste with you from my time in Europe. I'm beyond thankful that I had such an amazing time, it almost felt like not enough time, but at the same time I'm glad to be home and am looking forward to seeing some of you soon! I could use a good welcome home ;)




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