The Date Of My Dreams

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

I'm sure we've all had our share of memorable dates in the past and maybe not so memorable ones too... but we aren't here to talk about those ones today. No, I want to hear about that perfect date that you still can't get out of your head. You catch yourself daydreaming about her at the office as if it were just yesterday that you were in each others arms.

Perhaps that perfect date was dinner and drinks at that restaurant you've both been dying to go to. She showed up in that stunning black dress that you purchased off her wishlist specifically for this occasion. She dazzled and bewitched you the entire evening as you sat across the table gazing into her eyes. She smiled coyly at you and you smiled back, and for those moments it was just you two in your own little world and nothing else mattered.

Or maybe it was an enchanting evening at the ballet or that covetable broadway show, the tickets had been sold out for months, but you were able to snag them last minute. Or maybe you snatched your favorite lady up for a little weekend getaway to the sandy beaches of Hawaii or Tulum. She lounged next to you in her little bikini she bought specifically for this trip and for you. You couldn't keep your eyes off her, you kept peaking over the novel you were reading to marvel at how lucky you were to get her all to yourself for a few days...

Dates like those leave me in a dreamlike state, smiling to myself days after as I reminisce on the time we spent together. Lucky for me, I've had a few in my time in this industry and I feel so incredibly lucky to have shared those moments with someone special. Here are a couple favorites that come to mind.

Some of my favorite and most memorable times with clients have been when they have gone out of their way to plan a special date for us. One client always keeps up with my twitter posts and loves spoiling me with various kinky toys and lingerie and every now and then loves indulging me with a lush bath in his luxurious hotel bath. I always leave feeling pampered in the best of ways. Another client loves thinking outside of the box when it comes to our dates. Our last date was to a rock climbing gym followed by a lovely tapas dinner.

To me it's not about how lavish it is, though don't get me wrong I certainly love being spoiled, but that's not what makes a date memorable to me. It's about the thought that goes into the date. Did this guy take the time to read my website, check out my twitter and find out more about me, my likes, my dislikes and who I am as a person. If he does that, then he usually will take the time to plan something special.

Here are a few fun date ideas that I hope to do very soon. If any of these strikes your fancy, drop me a note ;)

A kinky play party

An afternoon at the museum- the De Young and The Legion of Honor are my two favorites

A yoga date- let me show off my yoga skills to you ;)

Sailing on the bay or in Monterey followed by dinner

Afternoon tea- there's some great spots in SF

A weekend getaway to the coast- Santa Barbara, Carmel, Mendocino

Volunteering- seems like an odd date request, but the holidays are coming up and it can be a great way to give back & definitely a memorable date ;)

The ballet, opera or symphony- I'm pretty bummed about the fact that I still have yet to do any of these

Escaping to Tahoe for the weekend

Hot Springs up in Sonoma or Napa

Horseback riding

There are endless ideas to choose from and of course dinner and cuddling up to you after wards are always fun too. Never be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative!

xoxo Emma

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