Rendezvous Avec Moi?

Short & Sweet

1 hour


Stay Awhile Longer

1.5 hours


Afternoon Pick Me Up

2 hours


Happy Hour

3 hours 


Night On The Town

4 hours


A Night at the Ballet

6 hours


Adventure for Two

8 hours


Sweet Dreams Baby

14 hours


The Day is Ours

24 hours




Social Dates

300/ hour

Date Etiquette

Bookings made in advance are always given priority. Do not send me date requests expecting to meet now. Those will be ignored as well as incomplete booking requests. I have a full life outside of this as well and in order to keep it that way I need 24 hours notice or at the very least the evening before for all booking requests.


-Upon meeting please place unsealed envelope with donation in clear sight. If we are meeting in public a nice gift or book is acceptable & a great way to leave a great first impression!


-Hygiene is a must, I take great pride in always looking my best for you so I expect the same in return. If you have sensitivities or need for discretion please let me know ahead of time so I can remain fragrance free.

-Any appointments outside of SF require 100-200 consideration (depending on location) for my time and travel expenses + a 25% deposit to secure booking


-Cancellations happen sometimes I totally get it and I try to be as accommodating as possible, but please respect my time & business upon booking an appointment and note that:

-Deposits of 25% are required for all appointments 3 hours or more & anytime touring. Please inquire about my online payment methods.

-If you must cancel our date within 24 hours of meeting I do ask for a 50% cancellation fee as a courtesy for my time and if you would like to book at a later date. 

-Should I have to cancel and you've already sent a deposit it will be fully refunded to you within 24 hours. 


-Dates of 3 hours or more require social time, I am more than happy to provide some personal favorite dinner spots or recommendations for a lovely evening on the town


-Extensions are always welcome if my schedule permits, I do ask that you are prepared when asking to do so otherwise there's always time for a second date! 

-When booking an overnight or any extended date, I will require some personal time depending on the length of the date just so I can keep up with my personal life & twitter of course!