Les Filles

Looking to add a little more spice to our time? Lucky for you I have a list of some of my favorite babes that would love to join us for a rendezvous sometime. 


-Please note that when having a friend join, the consideration will be mine + hers matched

Ramona Ryder is the spice to my sugar. When she walks in the room she has. way of commanding your attention without saying a word. This beauty knows what she likes and has a way of wrapping you around her fingertips. She and I love exploring our kinkier sides together and yours two. Whether it's roleplaying or fetishes, she and I make the perfect pair!

Natalie Jean is a fiery redhead with a charmingly witty personality. She's playful in a way that always leaves you wanting more. When the two of us get together we love to tease and be teased. She always brings a lovely, but slightly saucy energy to our duos and I love it when we get to play together.

Adrienne Leilani, a sultry vixen has a coolness about her that leaves you hanging onto her every word. When you first meet her you are immediately entranced by her beauty and are hanging onto her every word. Did I mention she has the most amazing butt too?! I have yet to do a duo with this babe and I know we both would love nothing more than to spend an evening getting to know each other on a more intimate level, with you of course by our side too!