Hello there darling...

So glad you found me, I hope I get the pleasure of enjoying your companionship soon. Until then here's a little bit of me for you to revel in...

What is it that your heart truly desires? Is it the thrill and allure of adventure and having the companionship of a beautiful woman by your side? Or maybe you're longing to free yourself from the inhibitions of everyday life. To retreat to place where you can unwind and feel deeply connected as you envelop yourself in my sweet embrace, empowering you to unleash your most intimate self with me. Among the many attributes I embody authenticity is one that I value most. As a lover, whether our connection blossoms into a long lasting and memorable bonding of the hearts, filled with passion and an insatiable desire for more or a brief, yet sweet series of encounters that will be as delicious and unforgettable as the aroma of my perfume, I look forward to be that ray of sunshine that brings lightness to your day and a profound sense of joy whenever you think of me.    

 I am your quintessential California girl, vibrant and sweet in appearance with dazzling blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart, but as you look deeper you'll find a heart that is filled with passion and an air of sultry desire that is intoxicating from the moment we first meet. Having a background in fine arts most of my hobbies include those of the creative nature such as the ballet, theatre, literature, museums, exploring different cultures and fashion. You'll learn quickly that my style and sense of fashion is chic and nothing short of stunning and my svelte figure makes it that much more striking. I keep my tight frame through various physical activities, my favorites being yoga, pilates and rock climbing, but don't let my healthy ways fool you! I have the biggest sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolate in particular. You'll see for yourself should we treat ourselves to one of the many fabulous restaurants in SF.

I am a woman who knows what she likes and enjoy the company of gentlemen of all backgrounds, but desire that as a suitor you be respectful, sincere and of course nothing like some good old fashioned flattery and pampering to make a girl feel truly adored! I look forward to meeting you soon!

Until then...






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