Emma Andrews

Some experiences are worth waiting for. Take a moment to unwind and unleash yourself from the hinders of life because I guarantee you darling, you'll never wanting to say goodbye...

Why hello there darling...

So glad you found me, I hope I get the pleasure of enjoying your companionship soon. Until then here's a little bit of me for you to revel in...

 Do you crave a place where inhibitions can be set free, where intimacy and connection are intertwined, allowing you to feel a breath of fresh air like you've never felt before? I think you may have found what you're looking for then...

I am your quintessential California girl, free-spirited and charming, with a smile that will light up any room, but with a mystique and sensualness that is sure to leave you captivated from the moment we meet. One of the first things you'll notice about me is my dazzling and playful blue eyes that will fill you with enchantment the moment my gaze meets yours.

Lighthearted in spirit, I live for the thrill of spontaneity and adventure, but I love familiarity and routine too and nothing makes me happier sometimes then nestling up at home with my favorite tea, a good book and some of my favorite chocolates. My nurturing and passionate nature makes me your perfect confidante. One of my favorite ways to build intimacy and connection with a person is over deep conversations, my playful wit and intellect making me even more alluring. 

With a background in the arts, most of my hobbies are of the creative sort and include, ballet, music, dancing, theatre, painting, fashion design, history, museums, and literature.

I am a woman of action and hope you are too, so let's not waste any more time getting to know one another. Head over to my contact form and let us plan a little rendezvous of our own!

xoxo Emma

A Few of My Favorite Things

Starting my day off with my yoga mat and some freshly brewed coffee

-Watching the sunset, preferably sitting on the beach or from a high rise rooftop

-When the night entails my prettiest cocktail dress, a five-star restaurant & my favorite ballet

-Hopping on a plane heading for another international destination on my bucket list. The Amalfi Coast and Asia are next

-A deep soak in my bathtub filled with the most aromatic oils after a long day

-Cuddling up in bed in one of my chosen hotels and spending the afternoon lounging around and ordering room service

-Exploring my city, whether it be an exhibit at the De Young, sailing around the bay, a picnic in Golden Gate Park or a night at the symphony

-Fragrances are my accessory of choice and the best and most alluring way to leave my mark. My favorite scents always include notes of rose in them

-Random acts of kindness. Nothing brings me more joy or warms my heart more than bringing a smile to someone's face or surprising them with unexpected gifts