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Emma Andrews

"She's the kind of woman that will drive you crazy by doing absolutely nothing except being herself."  

-Daniel Saint

Why hello there darling...

So glad you found me, I hope I get the pleasure of enjoying your companionship soon. Until then here's a little bit of me for you to revel in...

I'm your quintessential California girl, witty and charming and lover of warm weather and beaches, but with an edge and mystique that is sure to leave you captivated from the moment we meet. One of the first things you'll notice about me is my warm and inviting smile, followed by icy blue eyes that enchant you as I stare longingly into yours...

Lighthearted in spirit, I live for the thrill of spontaneity and the unknown, but love familiarity and routine. My calming and easy-going nature makes me the perfect shoulder to lean on and you'll find yourself at ease in my arms. I am your confidante, your muse, your passionate lover, fulfiller of your darkest desires, your traveling companion and so much more.

When I'm not traveling around the world or in your arms, you can probably find me gallivanting around the streets of SF doing research for my fashion blog, fine tuning my yoga practice, or curled up at home with one of my favorite books.

I am a woman of action and hope you are too, so let's not waste anymore time in getting to know one another. Head on over to my contact form and lets plan a little rendezvous shall we?

xoxo Emma

A few of my favorite things

Top favorite musical artists: Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, Muse, Sabrina Claudio, Bon Iver


Exploring new restaurants. Some of my favorites in SF are Foreign Cinema, Mourad, Kusakabe, Pabu, The Rotunda. Some places I'd love to go to: Atelier Crenn, Quince, Sons & Daughters & Kokkari, Acquerello, The Progress


I love staying active in various forms outside of the usual hum drum of going to the gym. Some of my current favorites are: yoga, rock climbing & hiking

Coffee is probably my absolute favorite beverage as some of you may already know. Some of my favorites are: La Colombe, Philz & Blue Bottle if I'm really in need of a caffeine boost!

Spontaneity, because after all normal is mundane and boring. I love a good adventure whether its a day trip up to Sonoma or down the coast to LA or checking something off my bucket list. Most recently I tried paragliding for the first time and absolutely loved it!

I love nothing more than a deep, relaxing soak in the tub after a long day. Some of my favorite gifts from gents have been bath bombs or bath oils. Its the ultimate form of relaxation and unwinding for me. Even better if its with you! 


Exploring new cultures and cities. When asked where  I want to travel I can't give just one answer simply because I want to see all of the world or as much as I can. Next up is Italy and Thailand!

Perfumes are one of my favorite accessories because what better way to leave my mark than with the intoxicating scent of a good perfume? My favorites include: Good Girl Gone Bad- Kilian, Thè Noir- Le Labo, Frederic Malle- Portrait of a Lady & Rose Noir- Byredo (my favorite)